Your universal dentist for prophylaxis, implantology and surgery

Stift - Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Lothar Frank

What sets me apart as a dentist is that I am dedicated heart and soul to my work. I enjoy being an "allrounder" and work in all the disciplines of dental medicine (surgery, including implantology, prosthetics, and conservative and aesthetic dentistry), but I know where my limits lie. When it makes more sense and is in the best interests of a patient, I refer him or her to a specialist colleague. 

Since obtaining my licence to practise medicine (and approval as a dentist in 1999), and even more since establishing my own practice (2008), I have exercised my profession passionately and with empathy, and always strive to achieve the very best individually for my patients. 

Accordingly, it is important to me that the treatment outcome is sustainable and satisfactory. For this purpose, regular checks and prophylaxis are important. Only in this way can we conserve as much as possible of your (and our) resources.

Who am I or what am I like?

I like movement and communication. By this, I don't just mean physical movement, but rather spiritual and human development. By communication, I don't just mean the communication with fellow human beings, but also with nature and with new and inspiring things. I love my daughter, my profession, walking, motorcycles, travel, philosophy, creativity, harmony and individuality. What I dislike is arrogance, selfishness, greed and the dark side of our modern world.

Dr. Lothar Frank

Spoken languages

German, English, Italian, Albanian and  French

Means of payment

debit and credit cards, invoice